Luis Frank


Luis Frank Arias Mosquera, nicknamed El Macry, (born July 30, 1960 in Contramaestre, Cuba) is a Cuban singer and band leader. Arias grew up as the son of a singer of a Cuban Songs and Tango in the city of Las Tunas, east of Cuba. He played music with the Jazz Band ‘Gigantes Miramar’ in 1976. After the salsa boom, he started out as a professional musician with the band ‘Los Surix’, where he was the lead singer from 1985 to 1995. Then he went to Havana and joined the band ‘La Mundial de Hudson’ before singing in the ‘Conjunto Roberto Faz’ and the ‘Orquesta Revé’. The director of the orchestra Elio Revé gave him the nickname El Macry, which represents a white in the Afro religion.

Arias owes his international advance to the rise of the traditional Cuban Son unleashed by the music project of the “Buena Vista Social Club” at the end of the 1990s. He spent six years as the lead singer in the group of the Buena Vista-Star Compay Segundo and also worked with the band ‘Afro-Cuban All Stars‘ by Juan de Marcos González, who together with Ry Cooder launched the project ‘Buena Vista Social Club’. In his own formation ‘Tradicional Habana’ he also remained loyal to the Cuban Son.

In 2001 Arias founded “Soneros de Verdad“, among others with Pío Leyva from the “Buena Vista Social Club” and Manuel Licea ‘Puntillita’ playing successfully with the pieces ‘A Buena Vista: El Barrio de La Habana’ and ‘El Run Run de los Soneros’ – created by Luis Frank Arias (music production – as well as modern editions of the popular classics.