Soneros de Verdad

Soneros de Verdad – Born out of the legendary «Buena Vista Social Club»!

With the documentation from Wim Wenders, they became famous in the world – the musicians of the legendary “Buena Vista Social Club”. It all began when the producer Ry Cooder in the year 1996 went to Cuba in search for the oldest musicians for his project “Buena Vista Social Club” in the Cuban scene «Son».
We know the result: with its rhythmic dance songs and melancholic ballads, the band thrilled audiences in the cinemas around the world and sold more than 5 million CDs in a very short time. The musicians of the “Buena Vista Social Club” are examples of the immense diversity and vitality of Cuban music!

When the members of the “Buena Vista Social Club” recorded their first album at that time, they were a group of older gentlemen who have from their childhood on, lived the Cuban Son, the traditional music of Cuba. In search of new talents, it quickly became apparent that only one had the Cuban Son in the blood as the old ones:
Luis Frank Arias, he was barely 30 years old.

His name became legendary, he toured the world and thanks to Juan de Marcos González in 2001 founded his own musical project with former members of the “Buena Vista Social Club”: the Soneros de Verdad!

Connect the past with the present!

The Soneros de Verdad view themselves as the second generation of the “Buena Vista Social Club”, touring successfully every year all over the world. The goal of this musical project is to reconnect the best musicians of Cuba and to develop the tradition of the original Cuban Son giving it new life.

This is clear: the band remains loyal to the traditional Cuban Son. However, in its own way, because in addition to the Cuban classics the Soneros de Verdad also presents new songs that combine the original elements with other musical styles, such as Rumba, Cha-cha-cha, Danzón, Bolero, Guaracha and Latin Jazz.